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Profile - Paul Morrison

Name:   Paul Morrison
I practise at:  
35 Dury Road, Barnet, London EN5

Phone:   02084404584
   Prof. membership:  
UKCP  -  United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy  

Life can be tough. We can find ourselves inadequate to the task, unable to cope. The old strategies no longer work. We need help and support in unlocking our own resources; our own tools for change and healing, for making a our experience more fulfilling.

Therapy can be joyous and enlightening, as well as challenging and painful. I don t believe in 'cure'. But my experience is that psychotherapy can help us to heal past hurts and lead fuller, richer and more satisfying lives; to be in charge of ourselves and our experience, and be both more reflective and more effective in the world.

Qualifications & Training
I am a graduate of Spectrum Centre for humanistic psychotherapy and am UKCP accredited.

I have been practising as a psychotherapist in private practice now for eighteen years, after many more rich years studying and as a client in psychotherapy. I have run ongoing groups for men and on Jewish identity for many years.

I was trained as an integrative psychotherapist, which means recognising the strengths and weaknesses of both the psychoanalytic and humanistic movements, and drawing on the best each have to offer. If I had to label myself now it would be as a formative psychotherapist. I'm interested in what's forming in us, and how we can shape who we are becoming.

My normal fee for individuals is £60, £70 for couples. I keep some low-cost places for people on benefits or low incomes.

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